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Ursula Macfarlane

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

A curious mind ~

Science, mathematics, nature, the night sky,

And mysteries past, turn up.

Combine with the world today

And you have questions and adventures.

Mix with travel, British humour, and creativity,

And let the outcrops of imagination emerge.


True to Ursula's unique style, she incorporates folded canvas, photographic & other elements, blended seamlessly to make statements pertaining to our political, social & environmental concerns today.

Ursula got busy drawing cartoons during the lockdown rather than painting. The political atmosphere during this time provided plenty of fodder for satirical interpretation as well as crazy mask designs and commentary on the madness gripping some usually sensible folks!

Based in the Wairarapa, Ursula also exhibits at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and recently had an extremely successful exhibition at Heart of Arts in Carterton.

To learn more about Ursula or to make contact:

Visit her website: spacedart

Email her: [email protected]

Or phone her: 021 1129592




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