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Sue Franck

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

I have been making necklaces for many years. I lived in Southern Africa for a long time and admired the beadwork in African crafts. From this admiration I started making necklaces to sell in tourist shops.

Since returning to New Zealand, I continued making necklaces. Many of the beads I use come from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. I love the rough recycled glass beads imported from Ghana and use these a lot. I use a lot of pearls and especially like the uneven and unusually shaped baroque pearls which look so good with glass and other natural stones. I also love amber and enjoy pairing it with bright blue and turquoise beads. I also enjoy buying old necklaces from op shops, taking them apart, restringing and making new combinations to give them a new life. I think every bead has a story to tell and, when put together, they create something unique. No two necklaces are ever the same.

I've also been painting for about 10 years, and during that time, I have been attending Jane Sinclair's art classes. I have belonged to ConArt since the beginning, and have also exhibited at WaiArt and Aratoi. I enjoy experimenting with different subject matter and have painted still lifes, portraits, interiors and landscapes in acrylic.

Sue can be contacted through the following:

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