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Mikayla Forster

Mikayla is a 22-year-old self-taught artist from the Wairarapa, New Zealand, and absolutely loves gifting moments of magic through art. She paints in oils and uses tiny brushes to create intricate details.

Plants, nature, animals and human figures are among Mikayla's favourite subjects to paint. Her preferred mediums are oil paint on canvas as she loves the ease of blending and extended drying times. Mikayla often paints commissioned artworks that consist of family and pet portraits as her realistic painting style lends itself well to these subjects.

As an artist, Mikayla loves being able to use her skills in ways that are meaningful for others and helping clients to realize their ideas, through her art, is an extremely rewarding way for her to do this.

Mikayla has now entered 2022 with a new milestone. After working as a self employed artist for three years, Mikayla has finally painted her 100th painting. These 100 paintings consist of both commissioned and original paintings as well as two or three pieces which ended up in the trash. Mikayla says that she is excited to see what the future holds for her art practise.



See more of Mikayla's work and contact her through the following:

◼ Facebook: Mikayla Forster Art

◼ Instagram: @mikayla4ster

◼ TikTok: Mikayla Forster Art

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