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Lindy McLachlan

Lindy is rural Wairarapa painter living on her farm south of Pahiatua. She works with acrylic on canvas and for some years has been a student of Jane Sinclair. She's been a ConArt member since 2017 and as well as exhibiting in the gallery, you will sometimes also find her in one of our studios.

Lindy can be contacted as follows:

And to see more of her work:

Check her out on instagram: @lindy__mclachlan


"Painting is my pleasurable passion, the place I go to to find peace. I paint people because I love to paint movement, I love the movement of the fabric, the form of the body.

I am a physiotherapist by trade and painting is the extension of the work of my hands, working not on the body but trying to transfer the human warmth and movement from my daily work onto canvas.

I also love gardening and growing our food here on the farm and flowers in my garden. When I paint gardens l love the movement and form like a big tapestry, bringing my love of fabric using the colours and shapes to build a painting."

Lindy McLachlan



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