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Karen Madoc

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Karen Madoc is a Masterton based artist who uses colour, form, layering, sgraffito and other techniques to create abstract paintings which reflect her interest in organic forms, mapping, collage and retro design.

Karen can be contacted as follows:

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 021 02985564

Or through Instagram @karen.madoc

Karen is available for commissions.


Karen’s painting style grew out of years of experimentation with collage and drawing. She also draws on her experiences living, studying and working in Australia, China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain and Vietnam and childhood years in the Cook Islands.

Recurring themes are representations of the world from above and the use of text and alphabets to create hidden messages. A love of colour is a constant preoccupation.

She has always been involved in making art or studying Art History but it wasn't until she stopped working full-time in 2014 that she started spending more time developing her own work.

Karen has had solo shows in the Wairarapa as well as contributing to local group shows. Her work is in private collections in New Zealand and overseas. In 2019 she was awarded a prize for Best Emerging Artist, sponsored by ConArt Gallery and Studios, in the Wairarapa Review at Aratoi Museum of Art and History.

She is also very involved with King Street Artworks, an inclusive art space in Masterton which is committed to supporting mental health awareness and wellness in the community.



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