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Jules Crafts

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Jules joined the ConArt steering group in 2017. True to Jules' surname - Crafts - her talent helped us realised our vision for the gallery and retail spaces, and has been an operational wonder. Not to mention a fantastic first-contact for our membership.

Jules is the contact for our members exhibiting/selling via the gallery and for our retail members.

Find Jules on Facebook: @Art by J F Crafts

And on Instagram: @ArtbyJFcrafts


"In 2011, I picked up the paint brush.

"With a background in Horticulture and Design, I have a fascination with the subtle complexities and their beauty found in nature and every day objects which are often over looked.

"Working predominately in oils, I use layers of glazes to create depth of colour and texture and exploit the contrast between light and shadow, hoping the viewer will see what I see."

- Jules Crafts, Greytown



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