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Jean Russell

I am a local artist who has lived most of my life in the Wairarapa and things that please the eye have always been important to me. For example, a stunning evening sky, a freshly opened flower or the iridescent plumage of a native bird. Even tiny shells on a beach after a storm or views of our wonderful country in autumn or winter. I would really hate to lose my ability to see these beautiful things. It is this beauty all around us that drives me to produce much of my work.

After taking art in college, a busy professional and family life left me with little time for indulgences. At midlife, I finally began classes under the tutelage of local artist Jane Sinclair. Working mainly in acrylic with Jane, I occasionally did some watercolour workshops with Jacky Pearson but finally moved towards oils, which is currently my preferred medium. I find working in a variety of styles and mediums is never boring. Occasionally, I do textural and abstract work.

Belonging to ConArt and several other local art collectives is a great help. I regularly exhibit work at the BWAS (Big WaiArt Sale), ConArt, Gallery 23 and Pukaha Wildlife Centre. In 2021, I was involved with a local group of artists running a successful pop-up shop. As well as this support Aratoi in each of their Little Jewels fundraising events with work.

I have had no formal art instruction at any recognised art institution, nor any teacher training, but was prevailed upon to take up teaching beginner’s acrylic classes in 2019. I continue to take classes regularly for a few enthusiastic beginners and I take care of the art exhibited in the Pukaha café.



Jean can be contacted by the following;

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