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Jacky Pearson

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Jacky was born in the UK and now lives in New Zealand. She has been painting watercolours for over 30 years and is an international tutor, teaching watercolours around the world on Zoom and in person workshops.

Her style is direct realism, painting on location or in the studio. “I try to paint a feeling. I love the natural landscape and used to work as a soil scientist. Painting is my way of studying nature. Of particular interest are shadows with their range of colours and reflected light. This has led me into painting portraits as I can use the way watercolours are so alive when they flow and mingle giving beautiful transparent effects in shadows. Although I paint in other mediums, oils and charcoal, it is watercolour that particularly gives me the freedom to get those wonderfully subtle and yet out of control moments”.

Jacky has represented New Zealand in international competitions including International Watercolour Exhibition in Moscow in 2021; the permanent collection of the International Museum of Watercolours in Mexico; a merit for the International Watercolour Society 2022. She has had a successful worldwide calendar series, “Lighthouses of New Zealand” Jacky has been published in international art books; magazine covers and numerous art articles. Jacky’s painting demonstrations can be viewed on YouTube including Australian TV series “Colour in your Life”. In New Zealand Jacky is represented by galleries and is currently working on a series of watercolour tuition books, teaching videos and painting aids.



More of Jacky's work can be found via the following;

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