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Brian Connor

I am a retired atmospheric scientist, formerly with NASA in the US, then NIWA in New Zealand. I now live in Martinborough, and spend my time on art photography. My work has been exhibited locally and in the US, published internationally, and received awards and nominations in international contests. My specialties include fine art nude and local landscapes.

I photograph and process images which move me, and hope the results are evocative and moving to viewers as well. New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes have fascinated me since my first visit here in 1986.

I moved to New Zealand 25 years ago, in part because I was fascinated by views of the landscape and with its fine detail revealed by the remarkably clear air and gorgeous light.

The female nude is one of art’s most enduring subjects, and, in my opinion, one of life’s most beautiful sights. She evokes a deep emotional response, which I can only describe by saying it moves my spirit and inspires a sense of wonder. My photography of the nude is my attempt to express those feelings, and maybe to convey some of them to the viewer.

I have recently published a book of photography. My book is a study of women who have chosen nudity for artistic expression and the art we have created collaboratively. It is entitled ‘The Nude - Insight and Imagination.'

There is a section about each of the women which has been approved by them individually. Many of them have contributed written comments which appear in the introduction.

“…we cast our aspirations in images that transcend the limits of what we know and live.” - Marina Warner, Monuments and Maidens.



Brian can be contacted by the following:

Cell Phone: 0210332790

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