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Mike Nelson

Updated: Aug 20

I have always been interested in colour and shapes. I enjoy creating things that are different.

Throughout my lifetime I have been involved in many creative pursuits. From the 60's I did a interior design course that covered colour, layout, texture and design. This course gave me a certificate in interior design that helped in renovating my next few houses.

In the mid 70's I worked in a craft leather wear establishment in Auckland which got me into making and selling bags, belts and small goods.

Flowing Into the 80's I was involved in a stained glass night school class, learning design and colour, which was very rewarding. Over the next few years, I was designing and selling lampshades, windows, and planters in local markets and small stores.

From the Mid 90's I got interested in abstract painting before doing some world travel. My daughter took one of my pieces to London with her in 2005 and encouraged me to take up painting more to which I am currently doing. I have sold pieces within NZ and Australia. I Joined the ConArt gallery in 2020, and I continue to enjoy painting and meeting other artists.

Mike can be contacted at: [email protected]


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