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Lian Hathaway

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Lian was born and raised in the Wairarapa in the 1960s. After many years away, she moved back to the valley to be closer to family.

Lian is settled now in Eketahuna, beside the Makakahi River.

Lian is a designer. She currently works full time as a Graphic Designer/Kaihoahoa Whakairoiro, in Masterton.

Visit Lian online:

On Facebook: @SlyderdogDesign

And on Instagram: @lian_hathaway


"Though I am lucky to have a job I really enjoy, I am producing work for commercial use. Photography has given me more creative license. It is also satisfying to have some of your own material to work with.

"I live in Eketahuna and my day job is based in Masterton. My time-out from behind a screen is on the daily commute on SH2.

"I dodge in and out of traffic at the beginning and end of the day, trying hard not to end up as road kill. Though the occasional farmer has pulled me out of the mud and gravel.

"I am interested in the ambiguous nature of an image. How an image in one context can be tranquil and in another sense, disturbing."

- Lian Hathaway BDes, Eketahuna


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