Janet Atkinson

Before retirement I had a very varied career which included drawing fish for a museum, throwing dye out of aeroplanes, picking apples, working with Autistic pre-schoolers, making life-sized human models for historic costumes and supporting people with MS. During all that time, in between co-parenting 3 lively daughters, I was painting, tramping, making things, drawing, singing and making music. When possible I love to paint and draw landscapes, particularly New Zealand’s gorgeous mountains and wilderness as well as still-life, and scenes from inside my head.

I have had five or six solo exhibitions in Wellington and almost as many in the Wairarapa. Apart from a brief flirtation with oils I paint in acrylics on canvas, using chalk pastels for my working drawings beforehand. However, recently I’ve been having an absolute ball exploring the use of the chalk pastels for finished work, especially mountain scenes and imagined landscapes; the only drawback being that they require framing once finished. I love the softness, the lack of hard lines and detail that pastels provide.



Janet can be contacted by the following:

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 0273817298

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