Ian Andrews

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Ian is a Masterton based artist who works in both Graphic arts and Photography. Ian is available for commissions.

To contact Ian or learn more about his work...

Visit his website at www.minisandscapes.com

Or his other website at www.snazzyvex.com

You can email Ian at [email protected]

Ian can also be found on Instagram as minisandscapes

Contact Ian by phone: 021 417680

"Photographer, Illustrator and at other times in the past: Physicist, Mathematician, cryptic crossword compiler, poet, life-class model, translator (French/English), bee-keeper, wood engraver … probably other stuff.

I’ve had two exhibitions of my photographic work exploring the Castlepoint beneath one’s feet and a splash in the Times-Age recently. Book and prints available."

- Ian Andrews, Masterton

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