Every 6 weeks (we call them Blocks), we refresh the artwork in the main gallery so that art-lovers and visitors see fresh displays and new pieces each time they visit. In the studios, the artists and their displays change even more frequently.

What's on now:

In The Gallery and shop

From March 31 through to May 9, about 20 Wairarapa artists are offering work in the gallery area for display and for sale.


In the retail area, displays feature ceramics, woodwork, prints, cards and more. There are great options in both areas for that special gift. 

In Studio 1

Painter, Paul Gadsby will be using Studio 1 as his working studio through the winter months.

Paul won't be on site all the time but you will be able to see his work and he will be there to meet visitors from time to time.


In Studio 2

Studio 2 features Wendy Kempsell and Nick Brandon through until 9th May. Wendy and  Nick both work as print makers and painters and this diversity is on display here. Wendy’s highly textured paintings and mixed media work demonstrate her commitment to use up-cycled materials where she can.

Looking ahead...

From May 12th, the next set of work for 2021 (Block 4) will be on display in the main gallery.